This is my blog. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

Today is a hallmark day!  Today I blog!

I realized during the process of writing my blog on my journey to stop taking the medication Effexor, that people were actually reading what I write. ( )I recognize the irony of that statement – well duh! its a blog stupid…what else is it there for?  But truly that particular vehicle really was one born more of the need to bear witness to my process and help others that may come across it.

It was and still is a space to give voice to that process.  What I didn’t expect was how many people were reading it. I was gob smacked.  I received so much strength from the comments and emails from others sharing my experience. It really was pretty awesome.

So I thought to myself, “Self (I often think out loud), if people liked reading your blog on the debilitating effects of psychotropic medication, then how much would they love the bodacious selfitude of your everyday life! You could do an epic blog! how groovy could that be!”  I thought this sounded like an amazing idea. Why not? I have a fairly interesting life.  I am funny. ( and I will keep telling my family this in spite of their staring at me and blinking loudly when I do)  More than that I love words and the art of wordsmithing. There is nothing altruistic about this.  This is just pure purgative fun!

It wasn’t as easy to get started as I’d anticipated.  First I had to choose a theme.  My first thought was go with something whimsical! I am the embodiment of whimsy!  I am!  no really!  ya..not so much. I found that too much whimsy tends to engage my gag reflex. SOOO artistic perhaps? If a theme is deemed artistic, chances are that that is ‘theme-ese’ for weird as shit.  Nope.  In the end I went with the very same theme as my medical blog.  Just the right amount of whimsy.  Just the right amount of artsy.  Fully bodacious.  Yep, that’s me.

IMG_0524And for no particular reason – here’s me in a sock monkey hat.

That’s just how I roll.

That’s right people, That S#@t Just Happened!


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